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Furnace failure has a tendency to happen at the most inconvenient time, and the last thing you want is for the heat to go off on a cold winter night. While Arizona winter days may not be that cold, but temperatures can get pretty low at night. Find out how to prevent this from happening and having to pay for emergency furnace repairs. Here are three common causes of furnace failure!

A Broken Thermostat!

A thermostat is one of those things homeowners don’t pay much attention to. It usually does its job without requiring much interference. However, a broken thermostat can be very inconvenient. The thermostat is responsible for regulating your furnace’s temperature, making sure your home is heated to the desired level. If your thermostat is not working properly, then your furnace won’t be able to heat your home to the correct temperature. This can become very uncomfortable during cold winters. If you notice your house is not being heated properly, you may want to check your thermostat before automatically assuming the furnace is malfunctioning. An easy way to see if your thermostat is working is by placing a thermometer in the room you want to check. It can allow you to verify if the temperature reading on the thermostat is actually that of the room.

A Faulty Pilot Light!

Furnace failure can also be caused by your pilot light not working correctly. A blown out pilot light can happen for various reasons. It is often the result of an old furnace that hasn’t been cared for properly, but it can also be caused by other electrical problems in your home. If the pilot light fails, a gas fuelled furnace will not be able to ignite the burners, which means no heat produced by the furnace. This is why it’s important to have your furnace inspected regularly to prevent eventual failures. A furnace inspection can allow you to see exactly what the problem is, because another possible reason for ignition issues is the presence of bubbles in the gas line. A furnace is complex and delicate, so you shouldn’t try quick DIY fixes. You’re always better off calling a professional!

Lack of Maintenance!

Finally, another common cause of furnace failure is a lack of regular maintenance. You need to keep your furnace clean so that dirt and debris don’t clog it. Changing your filter regularly and vacuuming your vents can help in between professional cleaning and inspection. Your furnace air filter traps dust or pollen, preventing them from being circulated throughout your home. However, an air filter is essential to keep your furnace operating efficiently. If the air filter is clogged, then your furnace can become inoperable because of the blocked airflow. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t pay enough attention to their air filters, which they should clean (and change if necessary), every three months at least. Regular maintenance of your furnace air filters is after all one of the most important parts of maintaining your heating system.

So if you’re experiencing problems heating your home, then you’ll know what to look for first! However, it’s important to schedule professional inspections, and when necessary repairs, before your furnace starts having issues or breaks. You’re better off spending some now, but avoiding higher costs later on for emergency repairs!



  1. Reading about the effects of lack of furnace maintenance was extremely helpful to me. That’s really something that I could start doing as early as now since our furnace is bound to be used for a really long time in the upcoming seasons. I’ll go and look for an HVAC contractor who can help us out with some extra maintenance during the next few months.

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