About Us

FAMILY OWNED since 1948

McMillin Air is a family owned and operated Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration business serving  the greater Surprise, Wickenburg and Congress Areas. Jason McMillin currently leads the company which has been passed down through three generations of McMillins.

1948 – Albert “Mac” McMillin

Albert “Mac” McMillin started out repairing refrigeration systems back in 1948 after he had completed his duty to the US Air Force. Though he started out in Glendale as his home, he soon discovered Congress and moved his family and his new business there.  Over the next 40 years he ensured that the McMillin name would become synonymous with air conditioning and refrigeration.

1977 – Rick McMillin, son to Mac

In 1977 Rick McMillin, Mac’s son, would come on board officially as a technician after he graduated from refrigeration school.  He worked side by side with Mac until he retired. Together they continued to build a reputation of providing Honest, Fair and  Knowledgeable Service

Erin & Jason McMillin, children to Rick and grandchildren to Mac

The  2000’s brought about more changes to the McMillin ownership.  Erin McMillin initially stepped up to run the business. Then her older brother, Jason, who had worked for many years as a technician later took on the day to day responsibility of ensuring the McMillin clients received exceptional HVAC services.

Today’s Residential HVAC Service

Today McMillin Air strives to carry on the tradition of Honesty, Integrity, and Knowledge that it was founded on back in 1948.  We believe that if we can abide by these principles McMillin Air will continue to serve the City of Surprise,  Wickenburg and the surrounding areas for years to come.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our Commitment: We are committed to providing the highest quality and performance in all aspects of our service and replacement business.

Core Services: Design, installation and service of heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality and ventilation systems, as well as temperature and humidity controls.

Core Strengths: Experienced leadership, excellence, trustworthiness, loyalty and pride in our reputation for quality workmanship and teamwork.

Success for Employees: Provide fair compensation, security, trust, recognition and a good working atmosphere.

Success for Customers: Provide quality, competitive pricing, trust, partnership and our ability to meet clients’ requirements.

Wickenburg & Area

22755 Hwy 71 Congress Az 85332