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Does Your House Get Dusty Really Fast?

Do you feel like your house is always dusty, in spite of how much you vacuum and clean? Have you tried everything, from air cleansers to washing and brushing the dog more often, with no results? Well, don’t just assume your home is dirty, as this dust might not be the product of idle accumulation. Instead, it could be a sign your HVAC system is not trapping dust properly. Inside your HVAC system, fine dust collects on air duct surfaces, vents, motors, and coils. Flakes of dead skin, hair, and pet dander catch onto the dust, and before too long this process creates a dense, mat-like environment where bacteria, mold, dust mites, and allergens can flourish. Air filters remove most of these from the air stream, but not all parts of the HVAC system. That’s why it’s important to have regular inspections to check the condition of your air ducts to see if they could use air duct cleaning services. Here are three things you can do to reduce dust in your house!


Change the air filters regularly!

Ideally, you’re changing your filters every 2 to 4 months. If your home seems really, really dusty, changing your HVAC filter can only help. The fact is, a lot of dusting is simply putting dust back into the air. If you live in a hot, arid climate, you’re probably getting a fair bit of dust coming from the outside. Your filters combat both these issues: as air passes through them, things like dust or pet dander get caught and stay put. But if the filters are filthy, air won’t pass through, and dust will simply bounce off and settle somewhere else in the house. Invest in quality filters; you can get a recommendation on brands from a trusted HVAC contractor. Change your filters regularly, stay on top of routine maintenance, and make sure you’re not skimping on filters.


Keep your ducts in check!

Leaky ducts can also cause real trouble. When your ducts leak, not only does that make your system work harder and less effectively, but it also allows air to escape and enter the system without passing through filters. It’s like running water through a hose with a bunch of holes in it – it’s not going to work very well. This makes a perfect storm to spread dust around the home, drawing it up from one place (in or outside the house) and depositing it somewhere else. Take a look at a vent cover in your home. If it looks “linty”, your ducts might be a problem. Sealing up those ducts and giving them a good cleaning will fix these issues. You’ll probably notice less dust, and you’ll also see a boost in performance – and possibly a drop in your utility bill!


Make sure the air coming in is clean!

Making sure the outside air that comes into your home is clean is a good step toward eliminating dust. Our air-purifying technology blasts even the smallest debris from the incoming air, resulting in clean and fresh air in your home. Humidity is also a factor in dust control. Dry air can mean more dust (and dust, in turn, is a sign of dry air), so it’s important to strike a balance with the humidity in your home. If your air is too dry, it can be a sign of HVAC issues present or on the way.


There are many other factors that can contribute to dust in the home. If you’re having these issues, don’t hesitate to call an HVAC expert – if you need help give McMillin Air a call: 623-432-5202! We’ll take your specific situation into account and help you make your home low-dust and low-maintenance.


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