Is air conditioner water safe for pets? That's why a technician is fixing the air conditioner to avoid water dripping.

Is Air Conditioner Water Safe for Pets?

Have you noticed your cat and/or dog nosing around your air conditioning unit? Do you know how your unit can affect your pets? Is air conditioner water safe for pets to drink? Read on to ensure that your furry friends are safe and comfortable when your AC is running.

What is Air Conditioner Water?

When we refer to air conditioner water we’re talking about the water that condenses and drips from the AC unit. Your unit pulls warm air from your home, cools it, then releases it into your space. The humidity from the air condenses into liquid and is collected in a tray or drained through a hose. Curious pets may try to ingest this water. 

 Is Air Conditioner Water Safe for Pets?

Pets are often tempted to drink the water that drips from your AC unit. This is frowned upon due to the potential of contaminants or harmful substances in the water. As your unit ages/rusts, it experiences a buildup of mold, mildew, bacteria, and microorganisms. The water expelled becomes less and less pure. Legionnaires disease often thrives in stagnant water putting pets at risk. The water can also cause skin irritations, upset your pet’s digestive tract, or trigger allergies. In short, air conditioner water is not safe for pets to ingest. 

Safety Steps to Keep Your Pets Safe From Air Conditioner Water

There are many steps you can take to keep your pets safe around air conditioner water.

  • Undertake regular maintenance: Regularly clean your air conditioning unit, checking for mold or bacteria. It’s wise to hire an HVAC specialist for this maintenance. 
  • Test the water: To put your mind at rest and help you decide how careful you need to be with your pets, have the air conditioner water tested or use a simple home test kit. 
  • Ensure proper drainage: Appropriate drainage assures that water does not accumulate, becoming stagnant and breeding bacteria or germs. 
  • Purchase a good filtration system to ensure the water is contaminant-free.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your AC. 
  • Redirect the water so it does not pool where your pet has access. 
  • Provide fresh water for your pets so they don’t go looking for another source.
  • Educate your family about the potential risks to your pets.

The safety and health of our furry friends is of great importance. Understand the risks encountered when pets drink air conditioner water. Take preventative measures. If you are unsure if your AC water is safe for your pet to ingest, keep them away. 

Need help with repair and maintenance of your air conditioner? Unsure if your AC water is harmful to your pets? Call the specialists at McMillin Air. Our reliable technicians can repair and service your air conditioning technology. 


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