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Is Your Air Conditioner Making The Air In Your Home Too Dry?

The most common problem people experience in the summer when it comes to humidity is that it’s too high. However, in some climates, you might find that you household falls in the opposite category and is actually too dry. The climate in Arizona is one of the driest in the country and during the summer, AC use makes humidity fall even lower. Although dry air feels cooler, when humidity levels drop below 30 percent, it can be harmful both to your family and house. If you suspect that your indoor air is too dry, you might benefit greatly from the use of a humidifier.

How to tell if the air in your house is too dry!

Your air conditioner is designed to cool your home, not to work as a dehumidifier. However, an AC does remove some amount of humidity from the air in your home as it cools things down. Depending on where your humidity level is starting out, and how much you are running your AC, it is possible for it to excessively dry out the air in your home. Arizona residents will find that this can be a real issue for them, as the climate is already arid to begin with. There are a few signs that can indicate to you and your family that your house is bellow desirable humidity levels. Frequent sore throats or bloody noses might indicate that the air in your home is too dry. Increased instances of static shocks, as well as issues with splitting wooden floorboards/furniture, and chipping paint could also be the result of very dry air. If you wish to resolve or avoid these issues entirely, using a humidifier could be a solution.

How is your AC drying the air?

Air conditioners remove humidity, which is also referred to as water vapour, from the air. It’s a natural occurrence when cooling the air. When the air hits the cold evaporator coil inside the air handler, the air conditioner makes the humidity condense on the oil and drain into the pipe that exits outdoors. There is nothing you can do to prevent this condensation except to turn the AC off or turn the temperature up. Heating your home during winter has a similar effect. Your furnace dries the air by heating it. Warmer air holds more humidity, and unless you add it to your home by bathing and cooking, or with a humidifier, the humidity level will continue to drop as long as you run your furnace or AC.

How to increase your home’s humidity levels?

To raise humidity level, without compromising on the comfort your AC brings to your home, there are a few things you can try! Skip the kitchen and bathroom fans whenever you can. This is especially efficient if you live in a small house and cook daily; it will be less impactful on larger homes. Distribute bowls of water around your home. Placing water around your home will help add moisture to the air. Similarly, leaving the water in the tub after a bath could also increase humidity levels. The most obvious and effective method is, of course, to use a humidifier. There exists a wide range of humidifiers. Depending on your needs and budget, you could go with a portable or a whole-house humidifier for example. Then you also have different sizes and technologies. The downside of some of these methods is that they could potentially be hazardous or simply messy if you have small kids or pets.

Regardless of how you decide to fix the situation, it’s very important for you to be able to know when the air in your house is too dry. You need to recognize the signs that indicate the humidity levels are too low, because dry air can actually cause damage to your health and to your house. There are easy steps to take to help boost humidity levels; however, you can always call an expert to make sure the levels are within a safe range. They will also be able to recommend the best methods of raising humidity levels for your specific needs.


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  1. I really appreciate you talking about humidity and how too little of it could end up making your home too dry. We’ve been experiencing something like this for quite a while, and I wondered if there really was something about our appliances that ended up causing this. I’ll definitely have an HVAC expert stop by and help us get this fixed right away.

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