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Arizona’s Dry Summer Climate and HVAC Performance

One-third of Arizona is arid (having little or no rain), while one-half is semiarid (receiving light rainfall). These conditions result in an average summer humidity of 20% (comfortable levels are between 40% and 60%). The high summer temperatures (up to 113°F) require air conditioning that exacerbates the already low humidity levels. You need air conditioning for survival in an Arizona summer, but cooling your home makes the air too dry. Keeping your home comfortable during the hot summer months can be a challenge!

Signs That Your Humidity Level Is Too Low

Arizona’s low humidity affects your health and your home. Following are some signs that your home’s humidity is too low. 

  • Dry lips and skin: Dry, itchy, cracking skin and lips are signs of low humidity. 
  • Respiratory difficulties: Your nasal passages, lungs, and throat can become irritated by dry air, resulting in sore throat, congestion, and/or coughing. 
  • Static electricity builds in dry conditions, causing shocks when touching other people or metal objects. 
  • Eye problems (dryness, itchiness, irritation, etc.) result from dry air. 
  • Susceptibility to illness: Bacteria and viruses thrive in dry air, increasing the risk of respiratory difficulties and infection.
  • Cracking furniture and flooring: Low humidity levels may cause wooden flooring and furniture to dry and crack.
  • Sleep difficulties: Dry indoor air may lead to uncomfortable sleep, causing frequent waking or difficulty falling asleep.

How To Increase The Humidity In Your Home

Though the easiest way to increase the humidity in your home during a dry Arizona summer is to install an appropriate HVAC system or humidifier, other techniques/practices can assist. 

  • Encourage evaporation by placing large, shallow bowls of water in direct sunlight. 
  • Invest in plants as they release water vapor, raising the humidity. Try Areca palm, bamboo palm, philodendron, and Chinese evergreen. 
  • Air dry clothing using drying racks. 
  • Utilize the steam of your shower by leaving the curtain and bathroom door open, allowing the steam to reach other areas of your home. 
  • Buy the correct HVAC system and have it serviced regularly to improve efficiency and extend lifespan. Some units heat or cool a space while ensuring healthy, clean air and optimal humidity. 

How McMillin Air Can Help

McMillin Air carries American Standard HVAC systems. These units heat and cool spaces while ensuring clean air and optimal humidity. You’ll breathe easy and remain comfortable all year round. American Standard products counter Arizona’s dry summer conditions by improving humidity levels, preventing chapped lips, coughs, and irritated eyes, and reducing static electricity and sleep difficulties. Contact McMillin Air for help finding the best system for your home. 


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