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    Arizona’s Dry Summer Climate and HVAC Performance

    One-third of Arizona is arid (having little or no rain), while one-half is semiarid (receiving light rainfall). These conditions result in an average summer humidity of 20% (comfortable levels are between 40% and 60%). The high summer temperatures (up...

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  • Air Conditioning Health

    How Air Conditioning Can Impact Your Health

    Air conditioners don’t just cool the air in your home or office – they can also significantly impact your health and wellbeing. While the health benefits of air conditioning are often overlooked, they can be significant, especially for people...

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  • Why You Need Air Purification Tech in your HVAC System

    Why You Need Air Purification Tech in your HVAC System

    Recent years have brought indoor air quality to the forefront of American homeowner concerns. Keeping our families safe from moisture and airborne pollutants is as natural as buckling a seatbelt or installing a fire alarm: it just makes sense....

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  • HVAC Care for Pet Owners

    HVAC Care for Pet Owners

    For those of us who are pet owners, you know how much joy a small creature can bring to your life. After a while, they become a part of our family and it’s hard to imagine being without them....

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  • AC Requirements for Landlords

    AC Requirements for Landlords

    The combination of extreme heat and dust storms common to our state means that relief isn’t always as simple as opening up a window. This reality can be deadly for Arizonans. In 2020 alone, there was a record-breaking 323...

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  • Air Conditioning Facts

    5 Air Conditioning Facts You Should Know

    All around the country, we love our air conditioning systems. That’s why 87% of American homes have some sort of air conditioning installed. The most important things to know about your AC is how to use it and when...

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