Conceal Outdoor AC Unit

Creative and Safe Ways to Conceal your Outdoor AC Unit

Air conditioners are an asset to any home, but they aren’t built for looks. There’s a reason the indoor units are tucked away in basements! But what can you do to conceal the eyesore that is your outdoor unit? Turns out there are several solutions to this aesthetic challenge. We’ve compiled a list of many such options to fit every budget and style. Use these ideas to help spark your imagination and save this article for later!

Setting Some Ground Rules

Before we get into the fun stuff, we need to set some ground rules first. 

  1. Check the manufacturer’s recommended distance for closure. Your unit needs sufficient space and airflow to function properly.
  2. Ensure your outdoor unit is easily accessible for maintenance. This isn’t something you can conceal and forget about. 

Shrubs & Bushes

If you fancy yourself a gardener, this is the perfect opportunity to add flourishes to your landscaping. Our climate supports the growth of many gorgeous florae such as cacti, agave, or gardenia. Choose plants that won’t mind the extra heat thrown off by the AC. If you go with this option, make sure you’re staying on top of maintenance and keeping plants trimmed and a safe distance away from the unit. 


Vinyl, wooden, or even wrought iron fences can easily conceal an air conditioner if made tall enough. Depending on the material you choose, it can be both a beautiful and durable addition to your yard. Just make sure you have a gate to allow easy access. 

Creative Enclosures

In some cases, you may want to conceal your outdoor AC unit entirely. Pool pump covers and small storage sheds can both be used to ensure your unit is out of sight but still easily accessible. You can even find models that match the style of your home and landscaping so that they blend in. 

Flower Boxes

If in-ground plants aren’t your thing, consider standing planters and flower boxes placed strategically around the outdoor unit. These require less maintenance in that you don’t have to worry about them growing towards the mechanical equipment. We think that flowers are a great addition to any space! 

Lattice & Vines

Another great option is to install lattice at a safe distance around the unit and weave vines through it. The vines will grow to fill in the lattice, creating your very own “living wall”. This type of greenery usually only takes a few months to flourish and take hold.


We know how much you love your air conditioning system, but that doesn’t mean you have to be in love with your outdoor unit and want to show it off. Safely conceal it by using the creative tips above. Don’t forget to show us your masterpiece when our technicians are over for your regularly scheduled maintenance, we can’t wait to see what you’ve created!



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