Heat Pumps can Save you Money

How Heat Pumps can Save you Money All Year Long

Keeping a comfortable home is a vital reality in a climate as extreme as ours in Arizona. Doing so requires more than just window dressings and cool beverages. An HVAC technology that is steadily rising in popularity among local communities is the heat pump. Contrary to the name, these systems provide both heating and cooling capabilities. In this week’s article, we are going to explore heat pumps and how they save money for Arizonans. 

Location, Location, Location

Not all HVAC solutions are appropriate for all locales. Generally speaking, heat pumps are built to work the most efficiently in temperatures above 40° F, but most can do a great job at as low as 25° F. Even in our chilliest months, we rarely dip down too much lower than 35° F, so we find ourselves in the perfect range for heat pumps. 

Employing Air Movement

Traditional furnaces work by creating heat and then distributing it throughout the home. Heat pumps simply move heat from one place to another. Thermal energy naturally moves from warmer spaces to cooler ones anyways, so the heat pump just helps to expedite the process.  When cooling is needed, they work in much the same way as traditional air conditioners in that they use refrigerant to absorb heat from the inside air and move it out. 


Now that we’ve determined how heat pumps work and in what conditions, it’s time to talk numbers. These systems offer an exceptional advantage in that you do not have to invest in two separate units, a furnace and an air conditioner, to experience both heating and cooling in your home. This way you don’t have to worry about two installations, two sets of maintenance, and the hassle of trying to integrate them into one efficient system. 

Incredibly Efficient

Even more beneficial is the fact that heat pumps draw a relatively small amount of electricity to run. Over time, the lower energy usage results in more manageable monthly utility bills. Compared to other types of HVAC systems, heat pumps boast over 100% efficiency. For comparison, electric heaters are 95-100% energy efficient and gas furnaces are a mere 80-97% energy efficient. 

In conclusion, it’s clear to see that heat pumps have the potential to save you and your family money all year long. To take advantage of these savings and find out if a heat pump is right for your home, contact our team of HVAC experts today for a no-obligation quote! 


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