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Gas Furnaces vs. Heat Pumps

Arizona may be known for its sweltering summers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t turn the heat on during the cooler months of the year. When it comes to heating systems, most older homes use traditional gas furnaces and newer ones tend to use heat pumps. Both systems will heat your home, however, they use very different methods. For those looking for an upgrade or an all-out change to their heat system, it’s worth exploring how gas furnaces and heat pumps work. 


Gas Furnaces


  • How They Work. Gas furnaces begin their heat cycle by igniting burners that subsequently begin heating up a device called the heat exchanger. This device warms the air before it is blown through ductwork to be distributed throughout the home. As the name implies, gas furnaces are powered by natural gas. 
  • Pros and Cons. Traditional furnaces are incredibly effective heaters. Even on the coldest nights, they won’t require any backup to keep your home comfortable. That being said, while effective, these units aren’t always the most efficient. Over time, they begin to degrade and require more energy to work properly. This typically results in higher energy bills.



Heat Pumps


  • How They Work. Heat pumps work much in the same way as air conditioners. In fact, they can circulate both warm and cool air. By using a refrigerant and condenser coils, a heat pump will absorb heat and distribute it throughout the home as needed. 
  • Pros and Cons. These units can save homeowners money in a couple of different ways. Because it can both heat and cool your home, it saves from needing to invest in a separate air conditioning unit. Heat pumps are also incredibly energy efficient, by the nature of how the heat is extracted, helping you save on energy bills over the entire course of the unit’s lifespan. The largest downside of a heat pump is that they don’t produce as much heat as a gas furnace. That being said, the mild winters in Arizona don’t typically require intense heat output.


In most cases, heat pumps are sufficient in meeting the needs of Arizonans, however, some do have a preference for the intense heat provided by gas furnaces. At the end of the day, whatever heating system you choose should meet your unique needs. For those in the Wickenburg area, we can help you determine what type of unit would work best for your home. Contact us today to get started! 


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