Summer AC Maintenance

Summer AC Maintenance

June 20 marks the first day of summer this year, and with it comes rising temperatures. Before the extreme heat waves start to hit, it’s important to know that your air conditioner is prepared!  These four maintenance items are simple to do and make a big impact on the efficiency of your unit.


Change Out the Filter

Most systems have a filter in the furnace or air handler unit as well as in the return-air registers. Over time these collect the dust and debris so that they don’t get trapped inside the system. Due to increased use in the summertime, changing these filters out regularly is key to keeping everything running smoothly.


Tidy Around Outdoor Units

Over the winter and spring, it’s easy for debris to build up around the outdoor unit. Clear away dead plant matter, trim back bushes and trees, and ensure there are no airflow obstructions laying around. If you are using landscaping to cover your air conditioner, keep a two-foot clearance around the entire unit. This will give it enough space to work effectively.


Clean Condenser Coils

Start this process by first turning off the AC unit. Then you can visually inspect the condenser coils in the outside unit. Sometimes they will already have a cover on top and already be relatively clean. If not, you’ll need to do it manually. Large debris can be picked off by hand, then perform a deeper clean by using a coil brush. 


Clear and Unblock Vents

Another task you should do is to walk through your home and visually inspect all of your vents. Take the time to open them all and clear obstructions away. Similar to your outdoor unit, the better the airflow, the higher the efficiency of your air conditioner. This is because the system won’t have to work as hard to achieve the desired temperatures. 


If you’ve completed all these steps and you notice damage or leakage, contact a professional right away. They can help determine the cause of the problem and fix it before it causes further issues. If you’re in the Wittman area, contact our team at McMillin Air for all your air conditioner needs! 


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  1. It totally makes sense to maintain your air conditioning unit and prevent possible repairs along with downtimes. I have a colleague who’s thinking about getting a cooling unit for his home. I hope this can convince him to hire a maintenance expert that could do this for him in the future.

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