Air Conditioner Efficiency

Achieving High Efficiency in High Temps

Arizona is one of the top 10 hottest states in the whole country. This means our AC units have to work harder than most other homes in the United States. While it is important that our air conditioners keep us cool, all that extra energy spent battling the scorching temperatures can reduce the efficiency of our machines, ultimately impacting their effectiveness and lifespan as well! Here are some tried and true tips for Arizonans looking to beat the heat as efficiently as possible.


Bump Up the Temperature

Staying cool doesn’t always mean cranking the AC. Give your system a break by bumping it up a few degrees on the hottest days. Furthermore, when you’re gone to work for the day, bump it up even higher by ten to fifteen degrees. Even eight hours a day could save you 5-15% on your utility bills. 


Don’t Let the Heat In

Help to block out the heat by pulling down your blinds and closing your curtains throughout the day. If you still want some natural sunshine, only open windows on the opposite side of the house as the sun. This will keep your home a few degrees cooler and ease up the strain on your AC.


Make Use of Fans

A few strategically placed fans can help dissipate heat. Ceiling fans should be set to turn counterclockwise. Bathroom exhaust fans should be used often. Portable fans can be set up in kitchens, bedrooms, or other living areas to keep the air flowing and stop any one place from heating up too much.


Annual Maintenance 

One of the best ways to ensure your air conditioner is working at full capacity is to have regular inspections performed. Oftentimes, small issues can go unnoticed and gradually reduce the efficiency of a unit. Think of it like a check-up at the doctors. A technician will be able to do a thorough examination of your air conditioning system to determine if anything needs repair or could be improved. 


Maintaining high HVAC efficiency in the summer can seem like an insurmountable challenge to many Arizonans, but it doesn’t have to be. The above tips are inexpensive and simple ways to lighten the load on your AC and keep you cool all season long. To book an air conditioner inspection in Morristown or Wittman, call our team at McMillin Air today!


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