HVAC ventilation

“V” Stands for Ventilation

The term “HVAC” is well known across the country. Our wide array of climates and seasons make these systems a necessity in every home and business in the United States. In many of our articles, we focus on the “H” for heating and the “AC” for air conditioning. This week, we are going to switch gears and talk about an equally important, but often underrepresented component of HVAC: ventilation.


The Basics

With homes so heavily insulated, air can easily become stagnant, carrying odors, fumes, VOCs, and other unmentionables. Ventilation is designed to keep this from happening through the circulation of air throughout a home, from intake to output. So while heating and air conditioning focus primarily on the temperature of the air, ventilation is most concerned with indoor air quality, or IAQ.


Natural & Mechanical Ventilation

Natural ventilation is as simple as opening up a door or window to let in the fresh air. Unfortunately, this type of airflow is not always possible. For example, if the outside temperatures are nearly 100 degrees, opening a window will offset all the hard work your air conditioner is trying to do. Another problem is security, having the door or window cracked allows easy entry for potential intruders. Mechanical ventilation is for when natural ventilation just isn’t possible. Fans or blowers pull the air from the outside and into the furnace or air conditioner to be distributed throughout the house. At the end of its journey, the air is pushed back outside. 


The Role of HVAC

Whatever you are using to control the temperature of your home, whether it be a furnace, heat pump, air conditioner, or a combination, can either help or hinder your ventilation. HVAC systems that are not maintenanced regularly can become contaminated or clogged. This will reduce airflow or have those harmful contaminants distributed throughout your home. To ensure that each component of your HVAC system is working together in harmony, schedule regular check-ups with a professional.


When it is time for your annual maintenance, choose to work with HVAC professionals who pay attention to each letter in HVAC, not just the “H” and “AC”. This will keep your whole system running safely and efficiently. That’s where we come in. Request a quote with our team today!  


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