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  • preparing air conditioner for summer

    Preparing Your Air Conditioner for Arizona’s Summer

    Summer is fast approaching! While the weather is still warm and pleasant, ensure your air conditioner is ready to beat the coming heat. It’s time to start preparing your air conditioner for summer temperatures, the scorching, blistering days of...

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  • Washable or Disposable Filters

    Washable or Disposable Filters – Which is Best?

    HVAC filters are an important component of your system. Their primary function is to ensure that larger particles do not get trapped inside and wear away at the machinery working so hard to maintain a comfortable temperature. Changing these...

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  • Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Maintenanced? - McMillin Air - Air Conditioner and Maintenance Experts - Featured Image

    Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Maintenanced?

    Your air conditioner works hard for you all year long, keeping your house cool and your air fresh. Chances are you don’t think of it much since most of its components are hidden behind walls or tucked away outside....

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  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating - McMillin Air - Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair - Featured Image

    Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating

    Energy efficiency is a hot topic in today’s HVAC industry. People want to know that the appliances they are investing in are as gentle on the environment as they are on their wallets. High-efficiency systems can reduce your monthly...

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  • Components of Your Air Ducts - McMillin Air - Air Conditioner Maintenance Experts - Featured Image

    Components of Your Air Ducts

    Creating warm or cool air is only half the battle for your HVAC system, it needs to be distributed around the home. That’s where your ductwork comes in. A properly designed duct strategy will move air to all areas...

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  • Common HVAC Terms - McMillin Air - Air Conditioner Maintenance Experts - Featured Image

    Common HVAC Terms

    Your HVAC system is an important part of keeping you comfortable and safe. With the increasing instances of extreme weather patterns occurring across the country and around the world, having a properly working system is more important now than...

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