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  • HVAC's Role in Maintaining and Reducing Spring Allergens

    Common Spring Allergens and Your HVAC’s Role in Combating Them

    Spring in Arizona brings wildflowers, bursting cacti, sunshine, warm temperatures, hikers, campers, and a myriad of allergens! Frequent breezes allow respiratory irritants to travel easily. Many residents and visitors react to ragweed, soy plants, tumbleweed, ryegrass, mesquite trees, bermudagrass,...

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  • Why Size Matters When It Comes To Your HVAC! - McMillin Air - HVAC Repair and Maintenance

    Why Size Matters When It Comes To Your HVAC!

    Having the correct size HVAC system is very important to provide your house with comfort, keep your family safe, and keep the energy bill relatively low. The right size HVAC is critical for consistent indoor comfort and energy saving,...

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