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Why Size Matters When It Comes To Your HVAC!

Having the correct size HVAC system is very important to provide your house with comfort, keep your family safe, and keep the energy bill relatively low. The right size HVAC is critical for consistent indoor comfort and energy saving, which can be wasted by either a too-large or too-small system. Choosing an energy-efficient model is one facet of being a smart consumer, but buying the most energy-efficient system will do you far less good than it should if the system you buy is too large or too small for your home. The capacity of your equipment needs to match the size of the area being heated or cooled, and it must take other key factors in consideration as well.

What If Your HVAC Is Too Big?

Oversized systems are among the most common HVAC problems. There is a common misconception than bigger is better when it comes to HVAC systems, when in actuality there are proper AC and heating unit sizing for each house. If your AC unit is too big for your home, it won’t dehumidify properly. Since it’ll cool down your house quickly, the cycles will be shorter; which result in being less efficient at clearing out humidity. So while your house will get cooled down faster, you’ll still be feeling hot and uncomfortable. Then in the winter, the furnace will inconsistently heat your home. It will blast really hot air, making the thermostat think you’ve reached the desired temperature, turn off, and leave you with hot and cold spots throughout your house. Oversized HVAC systems are best avoided, as they can end up making your home much more uncomfortable.

What If Your HVAC Is Too Small?

There are a few signs that your AC unit is too small for your home. If your AC never stops running, it can be because it lacks the capacity to cool a house that’s too big and never completes its cycle. Low airflow, although it can also be a sign of dirty air filters, happens when your AC is too small for your home. Your home temperature will never actually reach the desired coolness. In addition, the temperature will be inconsistent throughout your house; with cold and hot spots all over. That’s because when your AC is too small, it won’t be able to reach rooms that are further away from the unit or the vents. If you have vents all over, it can cause smaller rooms to be warmer, than bigger ones with high ceilings. Finally, trying to save some money by buying a smaller HVAC unit is definitely not worth it, as having it running all the time to try cooling or heating you home will only end up costing you more in energy bills!

Finding the right HVAC size for you!

Choosing the perfect sized HVAC system is certainly not simple, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many homeowners making the mistake of buying one that’s too big or too small. However, if you pay attention to some factors such as climate, occupancy, solar load, and insulation, you can calculate the best system size for your house’s cooling and heating needs. If this sounds a bit too complicated or technical for you, don’t worry. Contact our experts at McMillin air and they’ll be able to find the right HVAC system for you needs, as well as your price range. Give us a call at 623-432-5202!

When it comes to yours and your family’s comfort at home, you shouldn’t have to compromise. Buying an HVAC system that’s too small to avoid spending too much won’t actually save you money in the long run, and won’t provide the comfort you’re looking for. Nonetheless, there’s no need to buy the biggest HVAC you can. Bigger isn’t always better. In this case, a system that’s too big won’t make your house all that comfortable either!


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