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Why Your AC Isn’t Cooling Your Home?

Arizona summers can reach some pretty high temperatures. For homeowners, a well-functioning AC system is an absolute necessity to combat the heat. Most modern air conditioning units have a lifespan of decades, but even the well-maintained systems will at times fail to provide air that is cold enough to keep you and your household comfortable. An AC system that’s only producing hot air is never welcome, but it doesn’t always indicate a serious problem.

Your condenser may be frozen!

The condenser coil is a part in your AC system that sits outside your house, removing the heat the system collects inside the house and releasing it outdoors. If you haven’t been getting regular maintenance for your HVAC system, and dust, dirt and debris have collected on filters, your condenser coil can actually freeze over and stop working correctly. If you have a frozen coil, call us for check-ups and maintenance, we’ll get your AC up and running in no time.

Your Refrigerant is Running Low!

One of the most common causes of an AC system blowing warm air is a lack of refrigerant. This can also cause ice to build up on your evaporator coil, because the system is never reaching the correct temperature and is therefore not shutting off at any point. Regular shutoffs when the room temperature is correct give ice on your evaporator coil a chance to melt, so low refrigerant can lead to a cycle of warm air and icing on your evaporator coil. Regular maintenance to your AC will eliminate this problem before it occurs, as an HVAC professional can make sure your refrigerant is at proper levels and everything in your system is functioning as it should.

Your Condenser May Be Damaged!

The condenser is the part of your AC system where refrigerant is turned back into liquid after leaving the compressor. As mentioned above, the condenser can ice over if your system is dirty or running inefficiently, and if the problem is not promptly addressed, the condenser can break down completely. Though a rare occurrence, a broken condenser is a serious problem and can’t be solved without professional help. Our HVAC experts can service condensers that have become inoperable as well as advise you on when it is time to upgrade.

Remember, regular maintenance is by far the best way to prevent any of the above problems from happening to you HVAC system. Give us a call today if your AC isn’t cooling and we’ll ensure that your AC is in the best conditions to keep your home cool all summer long! Our professionals at McMillin air will help you out with all your HVAC needs: 623-432-5202.


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