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Three Reasons To Get A Furnace Inspection Before Winter!

Regular furnace inspections have many benefits. A furnace that’s not properly maintained can break down and cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs, not to mention potentially exposing you and your family to dangers like carbon monoxide leaks and leaving you sitting for long periods of time without heat. That’s because, over time, without annual preventive furnace maintenance and having each component reviewed, your furnace can be exposed to more wear and tear. This can result in excess strain on your home heating system. Scheduling just this one appointment each year could help your furnace last longer and limit furnace repair costs in the long run.


Improve your furnace’s efficiency!

Over time, dirt can build up your heating equipment. That can cause extra strain, make your furnace burn more fuel and make it less effective at heating up your home. Cleaning the filter system, blower and motor on a regular basis can help ensure that your furnace is operating at its peak efficiency. And equally importantly, it can help avoid nasty surprise breakdowns that can lead to costly repairs. Checking a variety of components can help make sure your heating system is working at its highest possible efficiency. To heat your home properly, the furnace pulls air through a filter. But over time, the filter can become clogged with airborne particles, forcing the furnace to work harder than it was designed to in order to move air through it. That can cause the furnace’s efficiency to drop, shortening its life and unnecessarily increasing your heating bill.


It will give you peace of mind!

The last thing any of us wants is a furnace that breaks down unexpectedly right when we need it most. By having a technician inspect all the heating system’s component parts, replacing any that are worn or on the verge of breaking down, cleaning your unit thoroughly and inspecting related equipment like ductwork, humidifiers and air cleaners, your furnace – and your family – will be prepared for the upcoming heating season. It’s a straightforward process, but one that’s essential to ensuring that your home heating system is ready. Home comfort isn’t just about your furnace working properly. It’s about knowing your furnace will work properly during some of the most challenging conditions. A furnace inspection and maintenance will help make sure your system is working at its optimal performance and give you and your family peace of mind all winter long.


Make your winter more affordable!

All furnace manufacturers recommend annual inspections and maintenance in their warranties. Damage to the unit resulting from lack of maintenance will often not be covered. Having your furnace break down in the middle of winter is not only a major inconvenience; it can cost you thousands of dollars in damage from other consequential disasters such as frozen water pipes. Regular inspections and preventative maintenance are the most cost-effective way to avoid expensive major repairs and ensure the safety and comfort of your family within your home. What’s more, approximately half of your energy bill’s costs are a result of using your furnace. Depending on how long and cold the winter is, that energy bill can sometimes be extra high. Because well-maintained furnace runs more efficiently and uses less energy, regular maintenance on your furnace can save a household on energy costs. Not only that, but a furnace that is well-maintained means that it will last longer, meaning a replacement furnace is much further into the future!


A simple yearly furnace maintenance will help ensure that your unit continues to operate safely, effectively and efficiently. Having your home heating system serviced at the beginning of each heating season helps ensure your equipment is operating at peak efficiency and not working harder than it has to, possibly extending its life. An inspection can also catch potential small issues before they become big ones.


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