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How You Know Your Ducts Need Cleaning

It’s easy to see that your fridge needs to be wiped down or your floors need to be swept, but how do you know when your HVAC ductwork needs cleaning? After all, the metal channels are typically hidden behind walls and under floors. They may not be as obvious, but there are some subtle indicators that your ducts are clogged or have another issue that needs attention. Here are four of the most common warning signs that your ducts need cleaning. 


The Dust Never Seems to End

Let’s be honest, hardly anyone loves dusting. It can be an even worse chore when a thin layer of dust seems to settle on everything as soon as you’ve finished up and started putting your cleaning supplies away. Constant dust isn’t normal and could be evidence that your ducts are piling up with the stuff. 


Your Utility Bill Keeps Climbing

Aside from rising energy costs, your utility bill should be generally the same from year to year. Warmer months may see an increase due to the arid climate, but your usage shouldn’t be exponentially higher than at the same time last year. Bills that do nothing but go up can be the result of an inefficient system. Clogged ducts can slow down air flow and force the air conditioner to work much harder to get enough cool air to its destination. 


Your Allergies Suddenly Spike

Allergy sufferers can be great barometers of duct cleanliness. If you suddenly develop a constant runny nose and itchy, watery eyes, you may have allergens floating around in your ductwork. This could be dust or any other kind of irritant. 


You Can Physically See It

The easiest way to know whether your ducts need cleaning is to see dust and debris build-up for yourself. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to crawl into your ductwork, there are a number of places you can easily see what’s going on. In fact, if you are experiencing the above problems it may be a good idea to check these areas out. Look at your vent covers, return air registers, air filter, and air conditioning coil. If they are coated in dust and debris build-up, chances are your ducts will look pretty similar. 

Knowing when to clean your ducts isn’t always obvious but knowing the signs can make it much easier! If you’re experiencing any of the above issues and need a professional duct cleaning, we can help. Contact our team for a consultation here


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