HVAC Care for Pet Owners

HVAC Care for Pet Owners

For those of us who are pet owners, you know how much joy a small creature can bring to your life. After a while, they become a part of our family and it’s hard to imagine being without them. Those of the furry variety, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and ferrets, have the added bonus of being soft and cuddly. Unfortunately, those cuddles come at a cost to your HVAC system.  Hair and dander easily get sucked in, clogging the filter and ducts, effectively cycling it through your home and reducing your unit’s efficiency. Take these 5 steps to reduce the strain on your HVAC: 

Change your filters more often.

Your HVAC filters are designed to protect the inside of the unit from debris that’s been caught up in the airflow. Over time, this forces your HVAC to work harder as well as reduces the air quality in your home. This is because the air is constantly passing through the hair and dander builds up on the surface of the filter. There are no two ways about it, homes with shedding pets will need to change the filters more often. Start by changing it once every two months and adjust as needed. 

Have your ducts cleaned.

HVAC filters aren’t the only place that hair and dander can cling to. Metal ductwork attracts these light pieces of debris and holds onto them tightly until the unit kicks on again and these airborne contaminants are cycled through your home again and again. While changing your filters is something you can do on your own, duct maintenance is something that should be performed by professionals like us. We will not only clean your ducts, but disinfect them as well! 

Groom your pets regularly.

One way to reduce the load on your HVAC system is to stay on top of grooming. Periodic brushing will release more hair at once that you can dispose of before it gets in through the vents. Not only will your HVAC perform more efficiently, but it will give you time to bond with your fluffy family member, check them for lumps, bumps, or fleas, as well as give them a healthy, shiny coat. 

Bust out the vacuum.

Most pets don’t ever stop shedding, so while grooming can cut it down, the fallout will never completely stop. If you have mini versions of your dog hidden in corners or under furniture due to their constant shedding, vacuum more often. Make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies that hairballs love to hide in. The more you collect, the less will be sucked into your HVAC system.

Fence off the outdoor condenser unit.

Last but not least, if your pet has access to your outdoor condenser unit, consider fencing off the area. Pets are curious and can lick, claw at, or even “mark” the condenser. This can cause damage to your air conditioner and even your pet. A small fence or gate should be enough to keep your inquisitive creatures at bay.  

We won’t groom your pet or vacuum your floors, but you can call us to clean your ducts or service any part of your HVAC system! Contact our team of friendly technicians today to get started! 


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