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Why Trust an Air Conditioning Technician Rather Than DIY

Anyone who has forayed into the world of do-it-yourself knows that these types of projects can take on a personality of their own. While that can be incredibly fun if it’s something like macrame wall hangers, it’s much less rewarding when that project is your air conditioning unit. Here are three reasons you’ll want to skip the YouTube videos and call in the professionals.


Most brands will have a warranty on their units. In most cases, having any work done on them by an unlicensed person will automatically void that warranty. That means if something goes wrong during your DIY or even at some point down the road, you will need to pay out of pocket for any repairs, maintenance, or replacement pieces that your air conditioner requires to function. Our technicians are all licensed professionals that will not void your warranty by working on your unit. 


Air conditioners keep us comfortable, but opening them up without the proper knowledge instantly puts you, your family, and your home at risk. Firstly, your AC unit is powered by electricity and runs on some very high voltages. Poking around these components can lead to shock, electrocution, or fire. Secondly, refrigerant leaks can cause dizziness and asphyxia. Furthermore, the leak can escape into other rooms and harm other members of your family. Trained professionals will know how to spot and repair any of these hazards before they pose a danger.


Aside from safety, air conditioner technicians have also been trained extensively on the entire health of your HVAC system. While you may have just watched a few videos on how to fix the motor, a technician will have spent years studying all parts of your air conditioner and how they interact. That way, they can give you an overall picture of what is going on in your unit, what needs to be repaired, what shouldn’t be taken apart, and more. 

DIY repairs are always attempted with the best intentions, but they seldom offer desirable results when it comes to air conditioning units. Don’t risk your warranty, your air conditioner, or your family by flexing your handyman skills on your AC. Call in the experts at McMillin Air, for routine maintenance, repairs, and replacements!


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